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Guidelines for Riders

We request riders/commuters to read below guidelines carefully and follow them to have safe, secure and comfortable social journey.


  • Vehicle owners or drivers must drive safely and follow traffic rules at all times.
  • Ride Initiators or Vehicle owners or drivers may ask and confirm the identity of ride members before letting them inside the vehicle.
  • Commuter may politely ask and confirm the identity of ride initiator or driver or fellow ride members before boarding in/on the vehicle.
  • Ride initiator may decide the pickup and drop points while creating a ride and riders should adhere to that.
  • Vehicle owners or drivers make sure that their vehicle is having sufficient fuel for the ride.
  • Riders should adhere to the timings as mentioned in the ride.
  • Riders should inform the initiator if in case its not possible to join the ride.
  • During rains, riders are requested to seek permissions from Ride Initiator or Vehicle Owner or Driver before boarding the vehicle.
  • Drivers must carry the driving license and papers related to vehicle, like, insurance, registration certificate etc.
  • Please maintain hygiene and do not share ride if you have any illness.
  • After request confirmation, you might like to call Ride Initiator and Say “Hi”, confirm timing and exact pickup place (considering realistic issue in pickup point).
  • Riders should be sensible for other’s time and should not delay the ride start time by reaching late at pickup point.
  • Riders are advised to not to engage in loud conversation which makes fellow ride members uncomfortable.
  • Riders must not smoke and chew tobacco immediate before and during the journey.
  • Riders should not impose his/her choice of music on pool owner/driver or fellow pool members.
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