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What is RideAlly?

We believe that each one of us travels every day for some reason and at any point of time, more than one person might be going from similar source to similar destination. RideAlly is an attempt to help them in connecting with each other.

RideAlly provides solution to short/long distance commutes and enables users to share rides with others. Commuter can get instant rides from source to destination on most of the vehicles. E.g. if a lady wishes to travel from “India Gate, Delhi, India” to “Taj Mahal, Agra, India” in next 1 hour than she can connect with commuters who are already planning to go there in safest possible way.

RideAlly is a trusted community that connects individuals with empty seats. RideAlly provides a good platform to people who like to travel and share cost with companions, and wants to make our environment worth living by reducing CO2 emission.

RideAlly is developed for mobile devices, tablets, desktops, laptops or all kind of platforms / devices with Internet facility from where a user can access software applications.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to “Ensure Safe and Secure Travel for All” and “Ensure that everyone share rides (on all kinds of vehicles)”. This is possible if we all share our vehicles (cars, cabs, bike etc) with friends / others which will help us to

  • enjoy the togetherness (by traveling together)
  • reduce fuel consumption (Go Green)
  • reduce traffic on roads
  • reduce parking problems
  • reduce cost of travel
  • and keep ourselves safe & secure.

About Developer

RideAlly is developed and promoted by RideAlly Travels Pvt. Ltd. (https://rideally.com) based at Bengaluru, India.

Concept: RideAlly project was initially conceptualized by our Founder, Mr. Hariprakash Agrawal in Oct’2010.

Beta Launch: First Beta version was developed by OpCord Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd and launched in Sep’2013. Subsequently, few more beta versions were launched in year 2014.

New Company: RideAlly Travels Pvt Ltd was formed in Mar’2015 and it took over further development and promotions. First wave of funding was secured from some friends and family members.

Launch of Shared Cabs: Shared Cabs were launched in Jun’15 and many routes were started. It was quite successful however enough cabs were not available. Also, provided personal cabs to many users.

Launch of Custom-made ride-sharing app: While discussing with many companies, we realized that it is not legal to share cost from personal vehicles and safety/security is also an issue hence we launched ‘Workplace’ feature in Apr’16. With this, Corporate could have its own ride-sharing app where employees share only among themselves without sharing cost.


Support and Feedback

We encourage you to share rides with your friends / relatives / strangers (only after doing a comprehensive check on genuineness of person) and use it as much as you can. We appreciate each and every feedback from you to make it even better. You may share any feedback, good or bad, with us at support@rideally.com .

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