Can you earn by sharing personal vehicles?

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You might have read the news that Mr. Nitin Nair was penalised by Mumbai cops for sharing his personal car with strangers. Read more at

Here is RideAlly’s take on carpooling/ bikepooling on personal vehicles:

It is in larger interest of our society that we are discussing about it. Law seems to be ambiguous on ride-sharing on personal vehicles however carpool apps do provide features where one can share cost (not make profits). Usually, all of these apps restrict users to share cost within the range of fuel/maintenance cost but there is only thin line difference between that.

At RideAlly, we allow trusted users to share car/bike without earning from last few yrs where user can choose not to share any cost (offer rides absolutely free) or share  fuel/maintenance cost by limiting the earning to 4 pts/km. One cannot take cash from fellow passengers and its is strictly cost sharing to some extent. Many commuters use our platform to not share cost at all and helping society to reduce traffic/pollution. Although, we realize that most humans would like to share cost of travel and when they start earning more than the fuel cost than that’s what put them in risk.

In stricter terms, Motor Vehicle Act states that personal car cannot be used for HIRE or REWARD hence traveling with strangers (other than your colleagues, friends and relatives) can be termed as HIRE which is prohibited. The interpretation of REWARD can be that one may share cost but not make any profit however there is thin line difference between that.

Nowadays, we see that some big companies encourage their employees to share personal vehicles and even make profit from them (as they do not have any check in place) without realizing that they are putting their employees on risk.

RideAlly provides ride-sharing solution to corporates where employees cannot earn (or make profit) from each other however company may reward/recognise such employees based on our reports. This way, Corporate knows the behaviour of employees, how are they sharing and safety/security/legal aspects are well taken care.

One reason, we have been growing in B2B segment only, is due to ambiguity in ride-sharing rules in B2C segment. Recently, We became part of a larger forum with IAMAI in which Ola/Uber are also included, which is trying to talk to Govt to clarify such clauses or bring ride-sharing related clauses.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Bengaluru clarified his stand to press on 26-Jun-2018. Bengaluru Mirror published an article on this which is shared below:

“Bengaluru will never do what Mumbai did — challan a do-gooder” -

Do follow the advice from Traffic Police as mentioned in above article and share rides in legal way.

Have a safe/secure travel,
Hariprakash Agrawal,
Founder/CEO, RideAlly

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“I’m The Traffic” instead “I’m In The Traffic”

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Bengaluru and many other large cities are facing huge crisis in terms of traffic and pollution. In this article, we are trying to highlight the fact that citizens need to take control in their hands instead of waiting for a miracle to happen. Citizens need to understand that “I’m The Traffic” instead “I’m in the traffic”. We are analyzing how bad the situation is, what are the options available, how much dependent we can be on Govt, how number of vehicles are increasing day by day, our research and analysis over last 6 months on Tech Parks or large companies, should we have odd-even rule or can we do something about it. If we together can reduce even 10 vehicles from roads, lives would get better. You might like to continue to read further to get more information.

I stay at Bengaluru and traffic situation is worsening day by day. From my home to my workplace, it is just 2.5 Kms and it takes 30-45 minutes to travel that much. What could be 5 min peaceful travel has turned into a nightmare. Productivity and happiness goes down after such bumper to bumper drive. Many friends are working from home or taking innovative steps, like, starting early or late from home/office or taking different routes which is almost double in distance but ensures predictable time to reach home or office.

Traffic Joke

Can a miracle happen? Can Govt help?
I see everyone discussing traffic issues and status of Metro, roads, public transport, highways, underpasses, sky-walks for pedestrians to cross roads, one ways, no right turns etc etc and my facebook wall, whatsapp, twitter, Inbox is full of that. I do get very innovative jokes on traffic nowadays and I love them (see the pic).

Everyone is blaming Government, politicians, political parties, civic authorities, policies, etc and partly, they are right but does blaming help anyone? Many of us have met local MLA, Traffic Inspector, Corporater and other officials and prima facie, it looks that everyone is working but seems, problem is beyond even their comprehension. We recently met our MLA and shared our concerns on traffic situation. Traffic police is actively looking at various options available and proposing certain one ways and no right turns which has got local citizens worried. It seems that we are not trying to reduce traffic but only shifting it to one junction to another junction. MLA mentioned that even if we wish to build another flyover, its going to take an year as lots of steps are involved. Budgets need to be approved. Designs need to be made. Comprehensive thinking needs to be done. Tenders need to be floated and given etc etc. Problem is of today. MLA asked what does citizen want and do they have any solution? Citizens are providing multiple solutions and not aligned among themselves. Someone says lets build underpass as it can be built quickly but another person says that it would get submerged in rain-water without proper drainage system.

What is the real issue? Is it Govt policies? What does research say?
Now, lets look at what is actually creating the issue. Number of vehicles are more than 10 times compared to capacity of roads. One friend whose flat faces the ORR and who also deals in roads etc, shares that almost 1 Lakh vehicles pass in just 3 hours.

At RideAlly, we have done some studies and we have observed that maximum traffic is during office hours, say, 8 AM to 11 AM and 5 PM to 8 PM. This traffic is more near big tech parks, high rise buildings, large campuses or workplaces where during these hours, 1000s of cars, SUVs, bikes, tempos, cabs come out or go in. If I drive in night at 2 AM, I can cover same distance of 2.5 Kms in just 5 min as it should be.

Just to mention basic statistics to highlight the gravity of problem, On ORR (outer ring road) from Sarjapur Junction to Hebbal, there are about 100s of large companies with more than 3 lakhs employees on a stretch of 20 Kms. Some Tech Parks, like, RMZ Ecospace, Manyata Tech Park etc itself has > 50,000 employees working. Can we request these IT parks and companies to shift? What will happen to jobs and so many families? Can’t we co-exist? It takes humongous effort to build a company and many lives depend on that and we just cannot leave everything just like that.

In last 6 months, we have discussed with management or employees of many large corporates and we have realized that about 25% employees comes in cars, 20% by bikes/scooters, 30% by company transport (only few company provides it) and rest 25% use public transport. You may take 5% here and there on percentages but more or less, it follows similar pattern. We have also looked at parking places and each basements or multi-level parking usually tells the same story.

In a Tech Park, if there are only 10000 workers than it means that about 2000 Cars (mostly driven alone and few has 2/3 persons), 1500 bikes, 500 tempos/cabs and about 100 buses are entering in the premises within 2 hours range. It takes almost half an hour to just travel 500 mts stretch. Nobody can predict if it rains or any vehicle breaks-down or if there is a minor accident. Only saving grace is that there are no fatal accidents as vehicles are only running at 10 km per hour or even less. :)

Now, what could be the solution?
One of the solution is to realize that the problem is right in our control if we collectively do something. We need to understand that I’m The Traffic instead I’m in the Traffic.

What I as an individual can do? Every revolution starts with one person and one step at a time. We can share our vehicles, we can travel together and reduce number of vehicles on roads. We cannot afford vehicles being driven lesser than their capacity, be it Bus, Auto, Car, Cab, SUV or even a Bike.

Delhi tried odd-even rule to reduce vehicles on roads and got mixed response. For many reasons, they did not continue hence it can be concluded that it is not long-term solution. Does Bengaluru need odd-even? Can we Bengalureans survive it? or there can be a pro-active solution. Do read more on odd-even rule and my letter to Kejriwal Ji here.

When we met various corporates, they shared interest in promoting ride-sharing among employees however they shared their concerns as well. We felt that Safety and Security (especially for females), ease of use, cost sharing are some of the big concern and At RideAlly, we have addressed that to the core. We introduced a Workplace feature in which only employees of that workplace can join, access, share rides and no outsider can even see what is going on there. Same time, we have big apartments and they also exhibit same traffic issues like big Corporates.

Do carpool, bikepool or lets share existing vehicles
If each vehicle can take take just one additional person, it would reduce traffic/pollution by 30-40%. However, its easy to say but difficult to do. Thats the precise reason, we have  customized RideAlly in a way that it provides best safety, security with ease of use. We are focusing only on travel from home to workplace and vice-versa. We would connect interested people with other poolers so that they can travel together. This way, we reduce number of vehicles on roads pro-actively. We do not charge anything for this if you do not charge your co-passengers. If you wish to, you can share the cost of travel with other co-passengers.

With your little support, we can make world greener, better and worthy to live for next generations.

Best Regards,
Hariprakash Agrawal,
Founder/CEO, RideAlly

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RideAlly connects odd-even vehicle owners

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Watch video on a Solution to reduce pollution and traffic in large cities..

Delhi Govt has come up with a rule that odd number cars will not run on even days of the month and even number cars will not run on odd days of the month from January 01, 2016. This rule has come due to high pollution in Delhi city due to which even kids are affected with respiratory diseases however it is for sure going to add inconvenience to car owners. Please read more at my open letter to Kejriwal ji and Delhites on ways to reduce pollution.

At RideAlly, we have customized our solution (Web/Android App) to connect odd-even car owners so that they can pool together. All one has to do is to inform us that which car number they own and where is their office situated at so that we can connect them. Also, people who do not have vehicle can get someone with car and travel with convenience in safe way. We do not ask any personal information and would not share their contact details (like, mobile number, email-id etc) with anyone without their permission.

On or before 31st December 2015, we would suggest you that on your way (or in your vicinity), how many users are there with alternate car numbers via email. If you find the information useful, you can find other car owners on your route at RideAlly. You would need to verify your mobile number, Email-id, upload photo, upload Govt Id card and our customer care would call you to verify your details. We take safety and security quite seriously hence we request you to complete this one time exercise for your own benefit.

Once you have provided your personal details, than you would join the route of which you are part of. You would see other users with the information displayed as odd or even car/bike owner or person do not have vehicle. You may create your ride request for the days you wish to get ride and also you would offer your vehicle for the days on which you can ply on the road. Others can see your needs and offers and join you accordingly. You can also search existing rides and join them.

This way, you can ensure travel to your workplace both sides and have guarantee that you get someone to travel on all days. If there are more people on your route, you have more chances to get rides as per your specific timings hence it is in our interest that more people join the route.

Please do share your information at so that we can serve you better. Please spread the awareness within your friends, relatives and circle of influence so that they also take benefit of absolutely free service.

Regards, Hariprakash Agrawal, Founder/CEO, RideAlly

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Surge in sharing rides to workplace

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Let me share a good news that we have seen a surge in users who are going to their workplaces in shared way, post Bengaluru Traffic Police’s support to RideAlly. Some has adopted carpooling or bikepooling and others are sharing taxis to their workplaces. Many users have shared their positive experiences with us.

We did analyze that why do we see surge of users? We believe that users feel more safe and secure due to the specific features in place. While we ensure that enough measures are in place, users should also follow guidelines for smooth travel experience. Some of the features are:

  • We verify Mobile Number and Email-Id to ensure that person is genuine.
  • We suggest users to upload their latest Photo and also any Identity Proof issued by Govt of India
  • User can share their Social Media Profiles (like Facebook) to build confidence with other users. We do not share personal details (like, phone no. and email) of users with anyone.
  • Females can choose to travel with only females. Female specific rides do not even come in searches hence stalking is also not possible
  • Users (or females) can create private groups in which they can add only their friends or colleagues and share rides among themselves only. One can add users by invitation only so that any unauthorised entry can be disallowed.
  • Commuter can know in advance that who is travelling with them like we know in train charts hence unauthorized person can be avoided to board the vehicle
  • Vehicle number is a must to offer rides so that if any untoward incident happens, Police can trace the culprit
  • 24/7 Customer Care at 080 4600 4600 for verification and query/grievances handling
  • We partner with Trusted Cab vendors who in turn provide verified Drivers for shared taxis

We have many features to provide best experience to users who wish to carpool or bikepool. Some of them are:

  • One can add their workplace with its location and get a specific page which will have all rides happening from/to to their workplace
  • Workplace can be a company, tech parks, colleges, and schools where person travels on regular basis
  • Users can share taxis to their workplace with trusted drivers with comfort and without the hassles of driving
  • Users can add recurring rides for a week to/from their workplace. If they need than they can change specific ride.
  • Users can manage all their travels at single place and can see history of their travels/rides
  • User can search existing rides and join/offer rides
  • User can check profiles of co-passenger and accept/reject their requests
  • User can create work-groups, invite friends, friends can invite their friends, build groups of trusted or like-minded people and share rides among them e.g. Females can create female specific groups
  • User receives SMS/Email/Android notifications on each actions
  • Users can manage their profiles and add about Facebook, LinkedIn, Photo, Gov. id proof etc.

Please do check for yourself and you would realize the hardwork and dedication which has gone into it. Please continue blessing us and with your little help, we can make world greener, better and worthy to live for next generations.

Do install our Android App from Google Playstore, or use our Web App.

Hariprakash Agrawal,
Founder/CEO, RideAlly

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RideAlly is supported by Bengaluru Traffic Police to enable Carpooling

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Bengaluru Traffic Police Uploaded Photo on Facebook     IMG-20151021-WA0030

In above photo, Founder/CEO of RideAlly, Hariprakash Agrawal is with Addl Commissioner of Police, Dr M A Saleem and Smt V Manjula, IAS, Principal Secretary, IT-BT.

On Oct 21, 2015, Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) launched Carpooling campaign and it was well announced by Addl. Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dr. Saleem on twitter on Oct 21, 2015, “Car pooling campaign will be launched today at 4 PM. Please adopt car pooling to reduce congestion and journey time.” Do read the blog on Traffic Police at Bengaluru promotes Carpooling to understand how Traffic Police has taken the initiative to reduce traffic congestion.

We also got call from ACP (Traffic Planning) Kasim in the morning to be present in the launch meeting at 4 PM at Traffic Police office at Infantry Road. Needless to mention, we were there before time.

It was well organized meeting which had 8 startups (working to enable carpooling), media houses, representatives of Industrial Associations (Electronic City Industries Association, Outer Ring Road Companies Association and Whitefield Export Promotion Park Industrial Association etc) and launched by Smt. V Manjula, IAS, Principal Secretary, IT-BT and AddlCP, Dr M A Saleem. The hall was full of senior officials of Traffic Police and many company representatives as well.

At the end, everyone took the pledge to promote carpooling and it was humbling moment for our CEO, Hariprakash Agrawal, that his initiative from last 4.5 years was of some use to citizens. We sincerely hope that this wonderful initiative would help city in easing the traffic on roads.

In another photo, one can see RideAlly is among other startups which is being promoted/ supported/ watched by BTP.

IMG-20151021-WA00411     20151021_161155

Over years, We have customized RideAlly with the feedback we have received from many carpoolers in past and also aligned with what Traffic police is trying to do. With RideAlly, One can request for a ride or share their vehicle on RideAlly for a given workplace. One can go with someone to their workplace and while coming back, can come with someone else. One can create recurring rides, invite friends/colleagues, earn money from their car while going to the workplace.

One can join workplaces of their choice as mentioned below and you will find many fellow passengers doing carpooling or even sharing taxis.

Electronics City: and
Manyata Tech Park:
Embassy Golf Links (EGL):
International Tech Park (ITPL):
RMZ Ecospace:

We have kept security & safety in mind and have many features to ensure that, like, mobile/email verification, only female rides/groups, vehicle number is must for the rides, Govt Id submission, Trusted groups formation etc. These workplaces are monitored and users are verified by our customer care as well.

For any feedback, do call our customer care at 080 4600 4600. I hope that you will try it atleast once.

Share your rides with RideAlly at or

RideAlly Team

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Traffic Police at Bengaluru promotes Carpooling

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It has been many years that many of us started to talk about carpooling or ridesharing to reduce traffic congestion and reach faster to the destination. It has many benefits however it has not been very successful due to trust, safety and security issues. Many entrepreneurs took initiative to enable carpooling but have been burning their cash/time without much success.

Same time, Traffic has been increasing constantly in all major cities and time to commute is increasing day by day. In all this chaos, Its heartening to note that Traffic police of Bengaluru idecided to promote carpooling to reduce traffic and parking issues.

Addl. Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dr. Saleem tweeted for carpooling to companies in Tech Parks on its tweet on Aug 26, 2015 which is “Car pooling is the best way to reduce traffic congestion at Whitefield and Bellandur. Next month we commencing a car pooling campaign.” on Twitter Account of AddlCPTraffic

RideAlly team SMSed to AddlCP-Traffic to enable carpooling and surprisingly were called by ACP (Traffic Planning) Kasim on following day for a meeting. It was very nice to see that Traffic police was actually serious about it. At RideAlly, we have been waiting for such support from Govt Authorities from long time hence we supported the move.

Next, we met DCP-Traffic S.K. Baba and we were further encouraged by the fact that such high level officials were involved and had taken note of traffic conditions in city and genuinely trying all possible measures for public good. DCP Baba mentioned that in beginning, there focus is on some Tech Parks, like, Manyata, Ecospace, Electronics City etc which has more than 50000 vehicles. We realized that even at RideAlly, we do have special focus on these and has dedicated workplace/groups/page for that.

We got further tweets from AddlCPTraffic twitter handle, on Sep 24, 2015 which is “Meeting with company heads organized on 28th Sept at 5 PM at TMC to discuss Car Pooling campaign .”

RideAlly team was in constant touch and meanwhile, we got another tweet on Oct 16, 2015 such as “Employees working in tech parks should use public transport or adopt car pooling for smooth commuting and to reduce congestion on roads.”

and than came the day of launch of carpooling, Oct 21, 2015 when Bengaluru Traffic Police took pledge of carpooling with 8 startups in carpooling domain, media houses and Industrial Associations. More about the event is here, RideAlly is supported by Bengaluru Traffic Police to enable Carpooling.

At RideAlly, we have been trying to reduce traffic for 5 Major Tech Parks at Bangalore, which are, Electronics City Phase 1 & 2, ITPL, Manyata, EGL, Ecospace by enabling carpooling/bikepooling. One can also search for other Tech Parks or add their company to share rides and earn money or save cost.

Pls join workplaces of your choice as mentioned below and you will find many fellow passengers doing either carpooling or even sharing taxis.

Electronics City: and
Manyata Tech Park:
Embassy Golf Links (EGL):
International Tech Park (ITPL):
RMZ Ecospace:

We have kept security & safety in mind and have many features to ensure that, like, mobile/email verification, only female rides/groups, vehicle number is must for the rides, Govt Id submission, Trusted groups formation etc. These workplaces are monitored and users are verified by our customer care as well.

For any feedback, do call our customer care at 080 4600 4600. I hope that you will try it atleast once.

Share your rides with RideAlly at or

RideAlly Team

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RideAlly most used location

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We just thought to provide glimpses of the maximum searches done or rides created on RideAlly. The most rides are searched in Hyderabad and Bangalore cities while other cities are catching up.

The most searched locations in Hyderabad and Bangalore are:










Mindspace/ Raheja IT park

Infosys Gachibowli

Banjara Hills

Chanda Nagar



Aparna Cyber Commune

My Home Jewel



HSR layout


BTM Layout




MG Road

Railway Station

Citrix Office

Sarjapur Junction


and many more places in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

RideAlly Team

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RideAlly @ IIIT Hyderabad R&D Showcase Event

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IIIT Hyderabad R&D Showcase Event

R&D Showcase event was 2 days event to showcase various research activities done at IITH and Startups working in CiE and Launchpad of IITH.

It was wonderful experience to be part of this event and we got chance to resolve various myths of Ride Sharing to diverse groups of visitors. Visitors included:

  • Journalist from various local news papers/ tv channels, Etv/ Eenadu/ Gemeni / Sakshi
  • Principal/ Lecturer/ students from various engineering college of AP/Bangalore
  • Employees from Microsoft/Amazon/ ISB/ Blackberry/ TCS, Qualcomm and various other companies folks.
  • APTransco Govt. employees.

Some pretty interesting questions were asked there

  • If a mischievous person comes in your car and sticks chewing gum all over the car how you are going to find such guys and stop.
  • If a person indicates female in our platform, than how do you make sure that she is female only.
  • There are lot of crap app for ride sharing, how you are making yours not the just another carpooling.
  • Safety, Security and Identity of person

We were able to answer all of them and will be sharing our insights on this blog soon.

Thanks to Nikhil from RideAlly Bangalore team, who came from Bangalore to help me out in 2 days event at IIIT Hyderabad and answered various queries.

- Vikas

IMG_20140302_115938 IMG_20140302_115916 DSC_0382DSC_0378

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New RideAlly APK and Website Release

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Today we released new Android App and Website

What’s New:

  • Find rides in your city or your neighbor with single click.
  • Create a Ride in less than 20 seconds using templates.
  • Offer and Need rides in different colors so you can find which one to use
  • Selecting location using MAP so one can select location which are not there in Google places any where in India
  • Shared Rides with your friends on Email/FB/ WhatApp
  • Recurrent Rides
  • SMS Reminder
  • Any Many More…

Check out at Android App and Website

Our team is working hard to get many more new thing to make your ride share journey joyful, safe and secure.



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Welcome to RideAlly Blog.

Lots of us have taken Lift during our college days, when we did not have money to hire auto / no local transportation (forget taxi) or didn’t want to walk long distance. We use to take lift from Hostel Campus to College (around 2 KM dist). Folks used to give lift as we were college student so never had safety/security concerns.

Never thought one day we will be writing software/mobile application for Lift/ Hitchhiking:)
But here we are with RideAlly: Your tool for taking and giving lift in modern days in safe and secure manner.


Image reference:

Our first blog @ RideAlly is about what guidelines/rules you should follow whenever you take lift, whatever way, with RideAlly or just by showing thumb on road side. Actually, you need to also start thinking of securing yourself when you use thumb as you may not know fellow passenger.

At RideAlly, we believe in safety and security of each and every person who travels. We request riders/commuters to read below guidelines carefully and follow them to have safe, secure and comfortable social journey.

  • Vehicle owners or drivers must drive safely and follow traffic rules at all times.
  • Ride Initiators or Vehicle owners or drivers may ask and confirm the identity of ride members before letting them inside the vehicle.
  • Commuter may politely ask and confirm the identity of ride initiator or driver or fellow ride members before boarding in/on the vehicle.
  • Ride initiator may decide the pickup and drop points while creating a ride and riders should adhere to that.
  • Vehicle owners or drivers make sure that their vehicle is having sufficient fuel for the ride.
  • Riders should adhere to the timings as mentioned in the ride.
  • Riders should inform the initiator if in case its not possible to join the ride.
  • During rains, riders are requested to seek permissions from Ride Initiator or Vehicle Owner or Driver before boarding the vehicle.
  • Drivers must carry the driving license and papers related to vehicle, like, insurance, registration certificate etc.
  • Please maintain hygiene and do not share ride if you have any illness.
  • After request confirmation, you might like to call Ride Initiator and Say “Hi”, confirm timing and exact pickup place (considering realistic issue in pickup point).
  • Riders should be sensible for other’s time and should not delay the ride start time by reaching late at pickup point.
  • Riders are advised to not to engage in loud conversation which makes fellow ride members uncomfortable.
  • Riders must not smoke and chew tobacco immediate before and during the journey.
  • Riders should not impose his/her choice of music on pool owner/driver or fellow pool members.

I still take Lift lot of time for my daily office travel, it provides me chance to interact with society folks and travel without driving:)

Share with us, if you would like to give any tips to your fellow riders for safe and secure Shared Rides.

Register today at and have a safe and secure journey.
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