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Author: rawpadmin

Big: RideAlly @ Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) now, our 1st Franchise..

Meet Chethan (owner of SR Tourist at Gulbarga, second from left in photo) who believes in technology with human touch (just like us) and his team at Gulbarga.  About 3-4 months back, when our Operation Head, Shekar (extreme left in photo), visited his office for tie-up and explained about RideAlly. Chethan is already in business of bus tickets, cabs services… Continue Reading…


Welcome to RideAlly Blog. Lots of us have taken Lift during our college days, when we did not have money to hire auto / no local transportation (forget taxi) or didn’t want to walk long distance. We use to take lift from Hostel Campus to College (around 2 KM dist). Folks used to give lift as we were college student… Continue Reading…

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