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It’s holiday time. What are you planning?

Family vacation with RideAlly

Kids roam here and there. They say no summer camps. They want your undivided attention. Kids are hard to be occupied in the summer. They get tired soon enough by the time your chores are done for the day. The unbearable heat and the mischievous children are a deadly combo to deal with. So what next?

Put your suitcases in the boot space of the car, grab snacks and water from the kitchen, give a destination to our driver, instruct to switch on the music and say start. Your trip for the summer begins with a high to last for the entire season.

Just chill and relax. You decide on your favourite weekend destination from Bengaluru. Be it, Mysuru, Coorg, Wayanad, Munnar, Mangaluru or anything that comes to your mind. RideAlly’s Outstation cabs are ever ready to pick you and drive you to your desired travel spots. Your main job is only to pack the suitcase and you are done!

Our drivers can even play local guide to you so you can know more about the history of the places, places to visit in your packed schedule, best places to eat/shop etc. The clean and well-maintained cars with trustworthy drivers make your drive an enriching experience

RideAlly’s Outstation Deals

To be easy on your pockets, RideAlly provides discount coupon RDLYOUT500 which provides up to Rs 500 discount on already lower rates better than other big cab aggregators. So, what are you thinking? Grab the phone, download the app or call our customer care 080 4600 4600 to have bookings of your choice, drivers speaking your language etc.

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