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RideAlly @ IIIT Hyderabad R&D Showcase Event

IIIT Hyderabad R&D Showcase Event

R&D Showcase event was 2 days event to showcase various research activities done at IITH and Startups working in CiE and Launchpad of IITH.

It was wonderful experience to be part of this event and we got chance to resolve various myths of Ride Sharing to diverse groups of visitors. Visitors included:

  • Journalist from various local news papers/ tv channels, Etv/ Eenadu/ Gemeni / Sakshi
  • Principal/ Lecturer/ students from various engineering college of AP/Bangalore
  • Employees from Microsoft/Amazon/ ISB/ Blackberry/ TCS, Qualcomm and various other companies folks.
  • APTransco Govt. employees.

Some pretty interesting questions were asked there

  • If a mischievous person comes in your car and sticks chewing gum all over the car how you are going to find such guys and stop.
  • If a person indicates female in our platform, than how do you make sure that she is female only.
  • There are lot of crap app for ride sharing, how you are making yours not the just another carpooling.
  • Safety, Security and Identity of person

We were able to answer all of them and will be sharing our insights on this blog soon.

Thanks to Nikhil from RideAlly Bangalore team, who came from Bangalore to help me out in 2 days event at IIIT Hyderabad and answered various queries.

– Vikas

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