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Traffic Police at Bengaluru promotes Carpooling

It has been many years that many of us started to talk about carpooling or ridesharing to reduce traffic congestion and reach faster to the destination. It has many benefits however it has not been very successful due to trust, safety and security issues. Many entrepreneurs took initiative to enable carpooling but have been burning their cash/time without much success.

Same time, Traffic has been increasing constantly in all major cities and time to commute is increasing day by day. In all this chaos, Its heartening to note that Traffic police of Bengaluru idecided to promote carpooling to reduce traffic and parking issues.

Addl. Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dr. Saleem tweeted for carpooling to companies in Tech Parks on its tweet on Aug 26, 2015 which is “Car pooling is the best way to reduce traffic congestion at Whitefield and Bellandur. Next month we commencing a car pooling campaign.” on Twitter Account of AddlCPTraffic

RideAlly team SMSed to AddlCP-Traffic to enable carpooling and surprisingly were called by ACP (Traffic Planning) Kasim on following day for a meeting. It was very nice to see that Traffic police was actually serious about it. At RideAlly, we have been waiting for such support from Govt Authorities from long time hence we supported the move.

Next, we met DCP-Traffic S.K. Baba and we were further encouraged by the fact that such high level officials were involved and had taken note of traffic conditions in city and genuinely trying all possible measures for public good. DCP Baba mentioned that in beginning, there focus is on some Tech Parks, like, Manyata, Ecospace, Electronics City etc which has more than 50000 vehicles. We realized that even at RideAlly, we do have special focus on these and has dedicated workplace/groups/page for that.

We got further tweets from AddlCPTraffic twitter handle, on Sep 24, 2015 which is “Meeting with company heads organized on 28th Sept at 5 PM at TMC to discuss Car Pooling campaign .”

RideAlly team was in constant touch and meanwhile, we got another tweet on Oct 16, 2015 such as “Employees working in tech parks should use public transport or adopt car pooling for smooth commuting and to reduce congestion on roads” and than came the day of launch of carpooling, Oct 21, 2015 when Bengaluru Traffic Police took pledge of carpooling with 8 startups in carpooling domain, media houses and Industrial Associations. More about the event is here, RideAlly is supported by Bengaluru Traffic Police to enable Carpooling.

At RideAlly, we have been trying to reduce traffic for 5 Major Tech Parks at Bangalore, which are, Electronics City Phase 1 & 2, ITPL, Manyata, EGL, Ecospace by enabling carpooling/bikepooling. One can also search for other Tech Parks or add their company to share rides and earn money or save cost.

Pls join workplaces of your choice as mentioned below and you will find many fellow passengers doing either carpooling or even sharing taxis.

Electronics City: https://rideally.com/workplace/ecity1 and https://rideally.com/workplace/ecity2
Manyata Tech Park: https://rideally.com/workplace/ManyataTechPark
Embassy Golf Links (EGL): https://rideally.com/workplace/egl-domlur
International Tech Park (ITPL): https://rideally.com/workplace/ITPL
RMZ Ecospace: https://rideally.com/workplace/Ecospace

We have kept security & safety in mind and have many features to ensure that, like, mobile/email verification, only female rides/groups, vehicle number is must for the rides, Govt Id submission, Trusted groups formation etc. These workplaces are monitored and users are verified by our customer care as well.

For any feedback, do call our customer care at 080 4600 4600. I hope that you will try it atleast once.

Share your rides with RideAlly at https://rideally.com or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RideAlly

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