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Travel safe in Covid times

Your safety and health matters to us. Due to Covid19, we need to ensure to take more steps and guidelines while traveling in Car or Cab so that none of us get affected and we can defeat the Coronavirus together.

Our Drivers takes care of following Safety measures to ensure safe and hygienic travel experience for customers and self:

  • Wear clean masks all the time. They are advised to cover nose and mouth both with the masks.
  • Carry sanitizers and in fact, drivers can collect from the office any time.
  • Cleans and disinfects Cabs on regular basis. Disinfects frequent touch-points with every trip e.g. car door knobs etc
  • Advised not to drive Cabs from or to containment zones.
  • Request customers to pay online rather collecting cash to avoid cash transactions (to avoid unnecessary contact).
  • Can deny or cancel the ride if customer does not wear masks properly.

Customers should take care of following points while traveling:

  • You should wear clean masks all the time. Masks should cover nose and mouth both.
  • You can deny or cancel the ride if masks are NOT worn properly by driver and no charges would apply.
  • We advise you to use sanitizer before and after opening doors and minimise touch to cars interiors.
  • If you are in containment zones then we request you to stay at home and follow Govt guidelines.
  • We advise you to make online payment and avoid cash transactions (to avoid unnecessary contact).
  • As per Govt guidelines, passengers should be seated only on back seats of car on 2 corners keeping physical distance from drivers and each other. More than 2 passengers (in addition to driver) are NOT allowed in cab.
  • We request customers to load/unload baggage from cabs on their own to reduce touch points. Our drivers are usually trained to take care of luggage however due to nature of coronavirus, we are asking customers to take care of their luggage.
  • We request customers and drivers to not to switch-on AC of cab to avoid circulation of air however if it is very necessary then driver should use fresh air mode.
  • Customers are requested to check if cars are clean and if not may report to customer care 080 4600 4600 or 973 982 6789. Customer may also cancel the ride and no charges would apply.

We at RideAlly, are here to serve you in safe and secure manner and request our customers to share feedback either on app or call 080 4600 4600 or 973 982 6789. It helps us to improve hygiene and safety for all of us.

We must mention that not a single customer has been traced to get Corona from our drivers/cabs and we have done significant trips from May-20 onwards. We are in it together and need to defeat corona together.


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