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Apologies, we could not serve best..

One customer booked TT (Tempo Traveller) last week for Chikkamagaluru (from Bengaluru) and they were 2-3 small families together. Mid-way, TT got some problem near Hassan and had to be stopped/repaired. It brought misery to customer (with families) and from our experience, one of the rarest case happened. It is like 1 in 10000 trips so far but for customers, its THE TRIP they were so looking forward.

Our partner, Abhilash (driver cum owner, yes, he owns the TT) informed RideAlly team immediately and also started arranging alternate TT with our team. We could manage another TT from Hassan itself with in half an hour and helped them to reach at their resort at Chikkamagaluru.

TT went for repair at nearby center and driver had to shell out Rs 15000+ and it took almost remaining day to get it repaired. Meanwhile, customers reached safely to resort and took rest. We assumed that TT would get repaired in 2-3 hrs and same vehicle can reach before evening to resort however that could not happen. Customers got panicked that how the whole trip will be managed and naturally, highly dis-satisfied. In fact, the customer who booked, had spoken highly about RideAlly to other families hence it became big reputation issue with other families. Our CEO came to know about it and talked to manager, driver and understood that this would take time and informed customer as well.

Our managers are empowered to take care of customers irrespective of losses. Our manager offered to the customer that if you can hire a local vehicle than we would bear the cost. Ultimately, customer decided to not go for site-seeing on same day. 

TT could get repaired only by late evening (or say night) and whole team including CEO were in touch with driver (partner) to get correct picture. CEO personally talked with customer many times and assured him till quite late in night that next morning, they would find everything in order and apologized. CEO also told them to hire local vehicle and not to worry about money but lets first manage the trip.

Team (including CEO) tracked till late night and ultimately TT could arrive at resort around 2 AM and we all slept. Customer got TT/Driver in order when they woke-up. Whole trip was managed beautifully than onwards. Customer extended their stay by one day to cover 1st day loss and cover few nearby places. 

Overall, I would say that despite adversities, we together could manage the trip and hopefully, customer and families would cherish memories of the trip. Our CEO personally thanked customer for having patience and ensuring that other families did not panic.

Real tussle comes at the time of payment. Good part is that it got resolved amicably as all sides were reasonable including Driver cum owner, customer (with other families) and RideAlly. Needless to mention, we were at receiving end hence we told customer whatever he feels like, he can pay by being reasonable to the effort of driver. Customer agreed to pay about 70% of the total amount, driver wanted 85% hence we paid 15% to driver from RideAlly. Naturally, we were not worried about our margins but just wished that none had hard feelings and relationship is maintained. Customer mentioned on his own that he would continue to book all kinds of cabs with us and even said that rest families would also book from us in future. We were just happy that finally, it all ended well.

Drivers are our partners and if they feel that they are taken care, we can sleep well and grow at the same time. I personally thank Abhilash (photo shared) for managing the trip so well where he had to shell out significant money, driving to resort with minimal rest in night, ensuring that next 2 days trips remain fabulous. Our salute to Abhilash and all such drivers who are thorough in their profession. They are our strength and keep us continuing even in Covid times. Forgot to mention that there was absolutely no issue considering Covid. All measures were taken with utmost sincerity.

One interesting fact Abhilash mentioned (post trip) that because of reputation of RideAlly and care, he went extra mile however if it would been any other vendor (or cab aggregator), he would not have taken this much pain. Thanks to RideAlly Customer care team for making drivers (or partners) comfortable.

Whatever we do, at times, such situation comes to test our patience, service mindset, character and hopefully, we could manage it well.

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