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RideAlly connects odd-even vehicle owners


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Delhi Govt has come up with a rule that odd number cars will not run on even days of the month and even number cars will not run on odd days of the month from January 01, 2016. This rule has come due to high pollution in Delhi city due to which even kids are affected with respiratory diseases however it is for sure going to add inconvenience to car owners. Please read more at my open letter to Kejriwal ji and Delhites on ways to reduce pollution.

At RideAlly, we have customized our solution (Web/Android App) to connect odd-even car owners so that they can pool together. All one has to do is to inform us that which car number they own and where is their office situated at https://rideally.com/know-your-neighbour so that we can connect them. Also, people who do not have vehicle can get someone with car and travel with convenience in safe way. We do not ask any personal information and would not share their contact details (like, mobile number, email-id etc) with anyone without their permission.

On or before 31st December 2015, we would suggest you that on your way (or in your vicinity), how many users are there with alternate car numbers via email. If you find the information useful, you can find other car owners on your route at RideAlly. You would need to verify your mobile number, Email-id, upload photo, upload Govt Id card and our customer care would call you to verify your details. We take safety and security quite seriously hence we request you to complete this one time exercise for your own benefit.

Once you have provided your personal details, than you would join the route of which you are part of. You would see other users with the information displayed as odd or even car/bike owner or person do not have vehicle. You may create your ride request for the days you wish to get ride and also you would offer your vehicle for the days on which you can ply on the road. Others can see your needs and offers and join you accordingly. You can also search existing rides and join them.

This way, you can ensure travel to your workplace both sides and have guarantee that you get someone to travel on all days. If there are more people on your route, you have more chances to get rides as per your specific timings hence it is in our interest that more people join the route.

Please do share your information at https://rideally.com/know-your-neighbour so that we can serve you better. Please spread the awareness within your friends, relatives and circle of influence so that they also take benefit of absolutely free service.

Regards, Hariprakash Agrawal,
Founder/CEO, RideAlly

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