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Surge in sharing rides to workplace


Let me share a good news that we have seen a surge in users who are going to their workplaces in shared way, post Bengaluru Traffic Police’s support to RideAlly. Some has adopted carpooling or bikepooling and others are sharing taxis to their workplaces. Many users have shared their positive experiences with us.

We did analyze that why do we see surge of users? We believe that users feel more safe and secure due to the specific features in place. While we ensure that enough measures are in place, users should also follow guidelines for smooth travel experience. Some of the features are:

  • We verify Mobile Number and Email-Id to ensure that person is genuine.
  • We suggest users to upload their latest Photo and also any Identity Proof issued by Govt of India
  • User can share their Social Media Profiles (like Facebook) to build confidence with other users. We do not share personal details (like, phone no. and email) of users with anyone.
  • Females can choose to travel with only females. Female specific rides do not even come in searches hence stalking is also not possible
  • Users (or females) can create private groups in which they can add only their friends or colleagues and share rides among themselves only. One can add users by invitation only so that any unauthorised entry can be disallowed.
  • Commuter can know in advance that who is travelling with them like we know in train charts hence unauthorized person can be avoided to board the vehicle
  • Vehicle number is a must to offer rides so that if any untoward incident happens, Police can trace the culprit
  • 24/7 Customer Care at 080 4600 4600 for verification and query/grievances handling
  • We partner with Trusted Cab vendors who in turn provide verified Drivers for shared taxis

We have many features to provide best experience to users who wish to carpool or bikepool. Some of them are:

  • One can add their workplace with its location and get a specific page which will have all rides happening from/to to their workplace
  • Workplace can be a company, tech parks, colleges, and schools where person travels on regular basis
  • Users can share taxis to their workplace with trusted drivers with comfort and without the hassles of driving
  • Users can add recurring rides for a week to/from their workplace. If they need than they can change specific ride.
  • Users can manage all their travels at single place and can see history of their travels/rides
  • User can search existing rides and join/offer rides
  • User can check profiles of co-passenger and accept/reject their requests
  • User can create work-groups, invite friends, friends can invite their friends, build groups of trusted or like-minded people and share rides among them e.g. Females can create female specific groups
  • User receives SMS/Email/Android notifications on each actions
  • Users can manage their profiles and add about Facebook, LinkedIn, Photo, Gov. id proof etc.

Please do check for yourself and you would realize the hardwork and dedication which has gone into it. Please continue blessing us and with your little help, we can make world greener, better and worthy to live for next generations.

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Hariprakash Agrawal,
Founder/CEO, RideAlly

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